F. A. Q.

Cleveland Area Party Rental FAQs

I’ve tried to call for information several times but can’t get trough.  Are you closed?  No, we’re not closed.  10-5 M-F and 10-3 on Sat.  We are closed on Sunday and major holidays. Please visit our website for prices, location and many other answers to your questions.

Why am I being charged a
Deposits are required to insure that we get all of our items returned on time. They are refunded on return.

If I rent china and silverware, does it have to be returned clean?
Yes, dry and free of food. but if that’s not possible, we can provide the cleaning service for an extra charge.

If I rent linens, do I have to launder them?
No, you don’t. But please shake out any loose food or decorations and return the linens in a bag with the hangers. We will launder them.

How far in advance do I have to reserve?
In the summer season, for a sizeable order, 30 days or more is recommended. On smaller, picked up orders, we write those at the time of pick up, rather than in advance, to save time due to staffing shortage.

If I have tables and chairs delivered, do they set them up, too?
Our delivery service does not include set-up or breakdown. During the summer months, we rarely have the time. If so, there’s an extra fee.

If I need something over a weekend, how many days am I charged?
On party equipment, it’s just a one day rate from Friday to Monday.

How can I be assured that the equipment I need will be available for me on my date?
For sizeable orders, we will accept payment in advance to reserve.  Because of the time involved, we are no longer accepting reservations on small picked up orders. Just come in to rent and take it with you.

If someone else is paying for my order, can they call in their credit card number?
No, we require the card holder to be present or to use the credit card authorization form on our website.

If I cancel a reservation, do I get a refund?
Refunds are not made on cancellations.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, credit and debit.  You can also write a check if it’s more than 2 weeks in advance.  We reserve the right to require credit cards on certain size orders.

What am I required to present in identification to rent something?
On most orders, we require a drivers’ license or state ID. We reserve the right to require additional ID on larger orders.

Why am I being charged a deposit?
Deposits are required to insure that we get all of our items returned on time. They are refunded on return.

Why does it take so long to receive my deposit back to my account?
It usually takes 3-5 business days to receive your deposit refund. This is a function of the network and not something we can control.  If that presents a hardship, we will gladly accept cash for the deposit and will gladly refund it in cash.