100% woven polyester known for it vibrant colors and superb draping quality. Cloths come on a hanger which is returned with the cloth, and laundering is included in the rental price. Please shake out food and decorations before returning.
Available in this color:

Cloth, 90″ round                        (fits the 60″ round table with a 15″ drop)

Cloth, 54×120 long                    (fits the 8′ table with a 12″ drop)

Cloth, 156×90                             (fits the 8′ table to the floor)

Cloth, 132×90                             (fits the 6′ table to the floor)

Cloth, 120″ round                      (fits 60″ round table to the floor)

Cloth, 108″ round                      (fits the 48″ round table to the floor)

Cloth, 60×60                               Square overlay

Cloth, 72×72                               Square overlay

Table Skirt   13′                          (fits 3 sides of 8′ table)

Table skirt 21′                             (fits 3 sides of 2-8′ tables)


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